Vintage 1999: Harmony

Vintage 1999 : Harmony 

1999 was an early vintage with mid-flowering on May 31st, four days ahead of the ten-year average. In spite of adverse weather conditions in early June, flowering took place rapidly and uniformly so that mid-veraison, when the grapes change colour, was declared on August 4th – the same as 1989.

1999 was warmer and somewhat wetter than normal, marked once again by inclement conditions during picking… Since maturity seemed to be coming on much faster than expected, with high sugar content and low acidity, we decided to make a very early trial run –on September 10th and 16th – from a parcel planted with young Merlots grafted on Riparia Gloire.

Picking only began in earnest on September 22nd, completed by October 5th but we seemed to be constantly juggling with the unpredictable weather and the risks of rot setting in. However, as it happened the grapes turned out to be in an excellent sanitary state thanks to the special care taken over the way the vines were looked after right through the summer:  thinning the grapes considerably and de-leafing both sides towards end August…

A wine virtually « custom-built », but nevertheless stamped with a brand of classicism, a very Haut-Bailly vintage!

Harvest: September 10th – October 5th   
Château Haut-Bailly blend: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon – 25% Merlot – 10% Cabernet Franc
La Parde Haut-Bailly blend: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon – 40% Merlot